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September 15, 2020
CREW Network Convention
Austin, Texas

June 10, 2020
Spring Leadership Summit
St. Louis, Missouri

June 18, 2020
Spring Leadership Summit
Charlotte, North Carolina



Leadership Summit by Mimi Fersch
2016 CREW Pittsburgh President-Elect when this was written in 2016.

I attended the Leadership Summit as your CREW Pittsburgh Delegate in Hollywood California on February 9th and 10th.? Immediately I was struck by the expertise of our speakers and the audience at large who attended.? The Summit began on Thursday with Delegate Training in which Alison Beddard, CREW Network President, spoke about the benefits of being a CREW member and how to use that membership to take full advantage of CREW Network. Have you updated your CREW contact information recently? Did you realize that this is the main avenue by which the other 10,000 members of the CREW Network can find you?????

What Can CREW Do for You??? This is a question that was posed at the Summit and which each of us, as members and as dedicated female professionals, need to answer for ourselves.? It’s not enough to just attend events occasionally and have a conversation or two with someone new.? Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow CREW members for referrals.? We need to get better at promoting ourselves and our relationships on both the local and national levels.

The second Summit day was led by speaker Dr. Valerie Young on the “Impostor Syndrome.” This portion’s focus was on competence/knowledge/failure/mistakes – how we deal with all of these in our lives and at work.?? As women we tend to look around and wonder if it’s a mistake that we ended up where we are (do we deserve it?) and what to do when someone figures it out!? Two of Dr. Young’s quotes that that struck me were “A sense of belonging fosters confidence” and “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother!” Our day was spent in breakout sessions and conversation studying our patterns and realizing our tendencies.? It’s powerful to know that no one excels at everything and that we should always be learning something.? Seek out wiser people.? Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t understand that, please explain.”?? Most importantly, don’t hesitate to step up to the plate.? We have many people in our organization with leadership potential and we should foster that potential in ourselves and in each other, not only within CREW but in our own organizations so that everyone can continue to grow.

On a final note, this Summit was exceptional in all regards and I look forward to representing CREW Pittsburgh as your Delegate at the Spring Leadership Summit to be held in Toronto on June 22nd and 23rd – I hope that many of you will join me there.??? I also look forward to serving CREW Pittsburgh this year as President-Elect, alongside Autumn Harris, your 2017 President.

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