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Spotlight: Pamela Austin

What role do you play in the commercial real estate industry??
My current role as Brand Ambassador at Burns Scalo Real Estate is a mixture of business development, community relations, leasing and design.

How did you get started in your current position??
I gave a tour of a property as a courtesy to another developer (Jim Scalo) and his brokers (including CREW member Angel Gillot) and we really clicked.? Our conversations eventually turned into a job opportunity and my current position.

What are your interests and/or hobbies outside of work??
I love to cook new recipes from Epicurious, bike, and travel to adventurous places!

Where is your favorite place to go out in Pittsburgh (Strip District, zoo, cultural district, etc.)? Right now, we are enjoying a lot of dining al fresco on our terrace! I like to hit the Strip District on weekends to get my specialty foods.

What did you learn from your biggest failure?
I think my biggest failure has been my fear of failure.? I wish I had taken more chances and failed often and early.

What personal values have shaped your career??
I was the first in my family to go to college and leave Southern Illinois.? I learned that you have to work hard and make things happen for yourself.

What are you hoping to achieve with your CREW membership?
Networking with other industry professionals

What is the best professional and/or personal advice you have received and/or given?
That engaging on a personal level with an anecdote or finding common threads is the best way to start a business meeting and achieve a successful outcome.

How do you achieve balance between work and home life?
I really try and make dinner every night and use that time to talk about what we accomplished that day and talk about what is going on in the world.? Growing up, family dinners were sacred and I think it is still a really important connection point.

Tell us something people may find surprising about you.
I have a MS in Biology and used to work for the Field Museum in Chicago.? I spent substantial time in Africa doing field work.

Who inspires you and why?
I am a highly visual person and am incredibly inspired by aesthetics in all things, particularly in architecture, design and nature.

Where have you travelled?Where do you wish to travel??
I have travelled to dozens of countries including some pretty exotic ones like India, Guatemala, Burundi, and Bhutan, and dozens more are on my hit list.? I would love to hit some out-of-the- way places like Papau New Guinea and Argentina.?

Do you have any pets? ?What kind(s) and what are their name(s)?
We are a blended family of a German Wire-Haired Pointer “Gunther” and two sibling cats “Ozzie” and “Layla.”

Anything else you want us to know about you? ?
I grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois where I didn’t know what professions the world had to offer.? I took a highly circuitous route to get to commercial real estate and am very driven to make up for that lost time.

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